Everyday we hear about how people kill each other, hurt each other, tear each other down like nothing is out of the ordinary. When did humans become such savage creatures against each other or has it always been this way?

In my own experience no one is safe from jealousies, pettiness, spiteful ness or even being hurt by the ones claiming to care for you the most. Why is that?

Did circumstances alone drive people to who they are today or are people truly born with an evil spirit within them?

I often wonder about the people who hurt children and how their mind works to hurt something so innocent and call it all for love. How is this love? How does one person define love when it is such an evil thing?

Then we see children as cruel as adults taunting and hitting or even killing other children, did we make these children into what they have become in a society that has no consequence to actions so heinous.

Adults sit and watch their children become monsters and do nothing and the law does nothing to support the parent. Don’t spank it’s inhumane, don’t slap its inhumane, yet the children kill.

Adults and their jealousies their gross sense of pride to literally stand and destroy or try to destroy another human beings life whether it be literal or figuratively.

Has it always been thus? Have we always been a population where our fellow human means nothing other than to get what we want out of them and then destroy what is left?

Do we not see how pitiful we actually are as the human race?


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