My Granny

My Granny
Today I am thinking of my grandmother and when I used to live with her, my older brother and my mom as a little girl.  I used to watch her make dinner while I sat at the dinner table.  She would always use a wooden bowl to make homemade buttermilk biscuits and to this day I cannot replicate those biscuits to save my life no matter how hard I have tried.I remember listening to My Ding a Ling by Chuck Berry for the first time on 8 track being there.  LOL Remembering her raspy voice call me “Jackson” hehehe was never sure why she did, but she did.  My mom, brother and I had gone with Granny to see BoxCar Willie and Jacky Ward in concert and I can actually laugh at remembering that I used to and still do love BoxCar Willie music.  Her favorite were Marty Robbins and Don Williams.  She had an 8 track of old trucker songs that I would listen to “Teddy Bear” is my favorite.  Yes, I am telling my age, but who cares.

I loved when the family reunion would come around because Granny would always go all out with making things.  She made this fruit salad in a watermelon rind one time and I ate most of the green grapes out of it and got so sick before the reunion even started.

She has taught me so much in my life that I am so grateful to such a beautiful woman. So many thoughts going through my mind, all the memories that time had put away come flooding back into the forefront as it they happened just yesterday.

Love for my Granny puts a smile on my face and love in my heart.


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