Only human beings can be this hateful…..

I have thought about this post long and hard since I saw it on my Facebook page.  If anything people know about me I do not say anything without probable cause or provocation to do so.  Granted this post may have not been pointed directly at me, but I feel directly connected to it, for me, some obvious reasons.  I will say that I was very hurt by what was said and it made me very lonely to know that there would be consequences to it.

First and foremost I am neither a fool nor have I ever been, but I do know some.  Secondly, if I say anything about America I have that right because I am an American Citizen which means I have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, Right?!?!?! Thirdly, if any member of my family says anything about America they also have that right being an American citizen themselves or a LEGAL immigrant for over 28 years of their lives living in America, paying taxes in America, signing up for the selective service in America, working in America, but maybe FREEDOM OF SPEECH only goes for the illegal immigrants in America now.  Maybe people from other countries that live or who have lived in America and have called America their home for years on end should just bend over and take it raw so they can just be screwed without saying a word.  Give me your time and money, but you have no say so in what happens.

No one knows the people who say nasty things except maybe through only what has been told second, third or fourth string maybe even further down the line if at all.  What others say is THEIR OPINION or how they may see things, which if I am not mistaken it isn’t a crime.  I have read more hateful posts on FB about countries disliking other countries than I ever thought possible.  I have said hardly nothing what so ever like the post above.  I DO NOT tend to lean towards one side or the other, but I do tend to see the whole story before I say anything.

Just last week there was a post from Jodi Miller bashing and “dogging” another country and yet when someone responds in kind they get called assholes.  I do wonder though, what are the people  that do the same to other countries? Opinions are like assholes we all have one, but most don’t feel the need to express their opinion so hatefully.  I guess other countries deserve what they get, Right?!?!

I love the United States of America, but I do realize it has considerable flaws that make it far from perfect.  I love France, but I realize it also has considerable flaws that make it far from perfect.  Oh and one important little fact here, Ummm, America is far from being better off economically than any country right now.  One more little tidbit of fact, AMERICANS aren’t the only people who visit France and France doesn’t only consist of tourist money considering a lot of International Companies have their headquarters based here, but I guess that money doesn’t count.

People can love to hate me, but I don’t sugar coat what I see or what is read.  If I see something in either country I take offense to I may say something or I may not, but I NEVER say it so hatefully and in such a manner that people would look at me and wonder what kind of person I was to talk like that about other people.


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