Society, Cultures Amazement

Why is it, I wonder, that people think their society or culture is better? Have you ever been to the country you put down? Have you ever lived in the society you deem unworthy of your standards?

I have lived in two different societies, yet both are vastly the same in every aspect.

Both have their “FREEDOM” to choose. Both have taxes. Both have governments stating they will do the best for their people. Both have individuals who are wealthy and who are poor.

“FREEDOM” comes at a price just like everything else, yet there really isn’t a “FREEDOM” in which the people are totally free to pick and choose as they wish on everything. Yet each country has FOUGHT & DIED for its “FREEDOM”.

“FREEDOM” being free to pick and choose without restraint. I can choose what school I want to go too. I can choose any doctor (not in a book) to go too. I can choose ANY hospital I want. I can choose to open my own business. I can choose what career I would like. I can choose where to live. I can choose to have children. I can choose pretty much anything and everything I want, just like anyone else!!

I can not NOT pay my taxes. I can not NOT pay my insurance. I can not NOT pay my rent or any other bills I have acquired.

The main difference people see is the healthcare system. The same amount of taxes both countries pay is pretty much the same and yet one country has a healthcare system for their (ALL) people that comes out of taxes. The other does not. Is this the reason so many people find another so unworthy?! I do not wait months to see a doctor or a dentist or an eye doctor. People die there, people die here.

Both societies are both Capitalist and Socialist, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, THEY ARE!!!!!! Both have social security, both help needy individuals guess what people that part would be the socialist. Both countries people pay for it out of their paychecks but it is up to the gov’t to let you have it back. One just chooses to let you see it before you retire to the nursing home.

If you think the large companies in one country aren’t regulated by the gov’t (which is socialist economy aspect) then why are large companies unable to become a monopoly??!!

Just because one country has a Socialist for a President doesn’t make the country any less a Socialist and Capitalist country. Socialist just happens to be a “Party” just like Democrat, Republican, Liberal or anything else, get a grip

GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS PEOPLE “NO COUNTRY IS 100% TOTALLY FREE” NO MATTER HOW MANY MEN AND WOMEN HAVE DIED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the illusion that has been told over and over again.

by JHB


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