Do not understand……..Immigration Useless Concept!!!!!

How can it possibly be legal to let a large decision such as a Visa to another country be denied or accepted solely based on one Consular’s opinion when they treat the people like SH** that they see? If that person is having a bad day, if they do not like the look of the other person, if they feel they just do not care what happens then this decision should NOT be made on one person’s opinion on its own because an Opinion is like an Arsehole we all have one just not all of them should be heard.

How in the world can a country let others who are in the system illegally, denying others and mistreat them so blatantly that they feel they are above any retribution from their own Government?! How can American Citizens go outside their country and treat other citizens, of the Host Country they work within, so horribly wrong?  Is this what the US system has come too? We allow millions of illegals into our system, let them use the resources of the states and then give them everything they wish.  Yet when a LEGAL resident is over being out of the country for a little over two months over their year for good reason, they are denied after being a legal resident for over 20 years.  Unbelievable!!!!!


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