HealthCare Insurance

Okay, I think what should have happened was to increase the Medicare tax that is taken out of each check for employees and the amount employers pay in. That would let the little people pay less than the people who make more, but get the same help. Put the trillions of dollars that they are using for Healthcare Bill now into Medicare let everyone have a Medicare Card, insurance companies can sell subsidies for paying the rest instead of a co-pay, pay nothing if people want them. Have a co-pay of about $30 with a co-pay of Generics and Regular Brand prescription drugs, plus a co-pay for a surgery or a higher co-pay for maybe a specialist. For anyone who would like to pay for their own insurance outside of Medicare they are able to as long as they show they have Insurance with Medicaid which again would issue them a card. Then they can do like a Medicare card for these individuals that has a chip in it which can be put into a computer system stating that they are covered where that is what people show for insurance to doctors.

Plus since the companies pay half of the Medicare already for their employees with the tax being raised everyone wins in this situation and individuals do not see the money it goes directly to Medicare without individuals having to worry about another bill to try and worry about where the money will come from!!!!!

I can’t see why this was not thought of or done 😦

For the individuals who do not like this idea, GUESS WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR INDIVIDUALS ON MEDICARE OR MEDICAID ANYWAY SO WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOU ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO USE THE MONEY YOU PUT INTO IT?????? Because there will be a lot of us who never see Social Security!! Just sayin….


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