I have read so many articles and comments from many individuals all over the world about a lot of issues that have been going on in the news lately, no matter what one person says the other person is wrong and vice versa why is everyone wrong or everyone is right, no in between and no one can have an opinion anymore?  Damn just what has happened to the world today and its people, everyone takes offense no matter what is said they have to find something bad in the words even if they are not there makes a person not ever want to talk to anyone for fear of what will happen in retaliation from the remarks.  



In today’s world human life seems to mean as little as being bored in a society full of individuals who feel no remorse, no shame and no empathy for another life that they may cause terror in which they thrust upon others.  Are we truly so savage that we prey on the weak, the disabled, or the unknowing in order to alleviate whatever encompasses our being to harm another in such a way that may cause death.

Who are you to be so inhumane towards another with no care for their families, their friends, their person, which you have stolen their loved one, their fellow man, their life in order to make yourself feel whole in the depths of your own bottomless abyss of nothing within.

How dare you not feel for the destruction that you have caused by your useless actions that will stain the life of another for the rest of their days and yet you still live to see another day, to breathe another breath, to cause pain on someone else.

You are what makes our world a living hell on earth by causing such distress of the unknown as to individuals harboring grudges, feelings of anxiety and unable to have a true free life without the thought that our person may be harmed because of your own insecurities within your own coldblooded heart.