Today as we sit and mingle amongst no one do we see the hidden tears that the other carries?

Today as we listen and speak to the invisible do we hear the anguish within the whispers of their voice?

Today as we walk the path of the unknowing do we watch our step before the cliff?

Today as we watch with closed eyes do we see what is right in front of us?

Today as we feel the nothing within do we know of the loneliness that never stops?

Today as we see clearly do we not feel the teardrops fall?

Today as we begin again do we feel the end?



Time Passes

Time passes as we fill the need to understand and comprehend of what transpired before.  As this happens we fill the heart as best we can with band-aids to mask the pain and destruction.  Love is to an individual is as much LOVE – TRUST and HONESTY that can be given heart and soul, but once destroyed must be rebuilt with the knowledge of nothing can be the same, just the forward motion of changing as we go and hoping beyond hope that that pain does not happen again.


Life Happens

As LIFE happens we know there is not much we can do about those unforeseen problems except weather the storm as it takes us where it wants us to go.
Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad, but whether they are expected or unexpected we have to take them one at a time and do what is best for everyone involved, but most of all we ourselves must come first.


Ahhh, The Direction of the wind varies among time as if it is flow this way and that, tis beyond my control to deviate its path of which direction it will blow other than that tis to send my way a flowing breeze to whisper across the listening ears as they search in earnest for the answers in which they seek. By: JHB


As the day steals into night, we sit and wait for dawn to return.
We listen for moments that speak to our hearts and souls.
Will we know if this is our last dawn to be seen?
To see the breeze whispering through sun drenched leaves.
Feel the chill of fog sneak upon our perspirated chilled skin.
Will this be the moment that makes life worth living?
Catching rays of silver and golden speckled light drift within layers of mist soaked clouds.
Filtering the twilight as it bumbards our sight within view of the murky depths.
Is this our day, our night, our time to shine?
Do we hear the earth speaking?
Are we listening?