Now I lay me down to sleep
My sisters soul I pray the Lord to keep
While I mourn my sisters soul you take
I pray the Lord forgiveness before I wake
Because on a beautiful and starry night
I pray for ethereal morning light



Only for You

Today I listened. Today I heard. I heard you call for help. Not in so many words. Not in so many actions.
Tonight I heard you pray to God. Tonight I heard you call out his name. Listen as you speak your prayer. Listen as you hear yourself weep. To Thine Own Self Be True whispered in your ear.
Listen today as you see yourself grow weary. Listen tonight as you see yourself grow weak.
You will hear the guidance that you seek.
You will see a clearer picture as we speak.
Only for you….Be True
By: jhb

Tears of Sorrow

As the tears blind me I remember how we laughed
As I become sad I remember how we talked for hours
As I become sorrowful I remember having you as a friend
As I become frightened I remember you being there for me
As I become accustomed to my loss I remember the betrayal
As I starve for friendship I cry my tears of sorrow